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Monet Recruit connects great foreign talents etc. with excellent corporate employers in Japan mainly in three fields, which include “nursing care”, “system development” and “digital transformation (DX)”.

Nursing Care

  • There are now four major programs (and corresponding visa status) in place in Japan for accepting foreign caregivers. For details, please refer to the guidebook (English version) by clicking the download button below.
  • The “Care” visa status allows you to work as a caregiver in Japan for an indefinite period of time, or for up to 10 years if you combine some of the other three programs.
  • Monet Recruit targets foreign caregivers who work under the “Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)” and/or “Care” residential status among these four programs. For the time being, we limit our foreign recruitment activities to the Philippines, Mongolia, and China.
  • To qualify for the “Care” visa status, you need to obtain the national certification of Certified Care Worker. Monet Recruit emphasizes recruitment services for nursing care homes that encourage and support the acquisition of Certified Care Worker national certification after employment under the “SSW” program.
  • We also welcome applications under the “SSW” status from foreigners who have already completed Technical Intern Training Program or EPA programs and are now residing in Japan.
  • We also welcome Japanese caregivers who would like to work with these foreign caregivers.
  • Please use the download button below to obtain a resume (English version) form and send it to Monet Recruit.

System Development

  • In Japan, offshore development is attracting attention not only among large corporations but also among small and medium-sized system development companies from the perspective of reducing system development costs and securing human resources.
  • Monet Recruit focuses on providing recruiting services to companies interested in hiring and training Bridge System Engineers (BSE), who play an important role in this offshore development, acting as a bridge between the overseas programmer and the Japanese vendor.
  • We also offer our proprietary training program to develop professional Japanese communication skills required for system development in team with Japanese system engineers.
  • Please click the download button below to get a resume form and send it to Monet Recruit.

Digital Transformation(DX)

  • Digital transformation (DX), the transformation of business models and ultimately corporate management based on digital technology, is not something Japanese companies can wait for.
  • There are some companies in Japan that have established internal systems to promote DX, and have already started to see excellent results from DX, but this is still a small percentage.
  • For the full-scale introduction and promotion of DX, there is an urgent need to secure and train so-called digital talents. Monet Recruit provides recruiting services with focus on candidates with superior knowledge of digital technology. Monet Recruit provides proprietary services to support foreign candidates for such digital talents in acquiring specialized Japanese language skills necessary for implementing DX initiatives together with Japanese staff.
  • We also welcome applications from Japanese candidate who can serve as an immediate force in DX initiatives/promotion, or who venture to take on the challenge of transforming career to digital talent.