About Monet Recruit

Monet Recruit provides high quality solutions to talent shortage issues facing Japanese society today, utilizing its unique global network and proprietary expertise.

Monet Recruit connects great foreign talents etc. with excellent corporate employers in Japan mainly in the three fields, which include “nursing care” and “system development” where talent shortages are most pronounced as well as “digital transformation (DX)” to which Japanese corporations are expected to make urgent response.

In addition, we provide support for human resource development, including expertise education and training, and foreign government procedures related to recruitment services.

These recruitment and non-recruiting support services are provided by fully bilingual Japanese and foreign counselors and advisors with extensive and seasoned international business experiences. The main language is English/Japanese, but Mongolian/Japanese and Chinese/Japanese bilingual services are also available.

Monet Recruit offers these services, making full use of its close business alliances with top quality recruitment agencies and training institutes in the Philippines, Mongolia and China.