National Exam Study Support

Monet Recruit offers services of supporting effective study for passing the national exam of Certified Care Worker

With the establishment of four acceptance programs for foreign caregivers (and four status of residence corresponding to each program), i.e. “EPA”, “Technical Internship Training”, “Specified Skilled Worker”, and “Care”, it has become theoretically possible to secure relatively long-term employment by combining some of these programs. Then, providing foreign caregivers with opportunities to develop their career as nursing care professional would lead to potential retention of employment, and one way to do this is to encourage them to obtain the national qualification as Certified Care Worker.
One of the byproducts of foreign caregivers coming to Japan and passing the national exam given in Japanese to obtain a national qualification is the possibility of boosting the motivation of Japanese employees of the nursing care home where such foreign caregivers are employed, and thus raising the morale of the entire organization of that care home.

It is apparent from the past questions that the national exam of Certified Care Worker is a very technical exam that has many questions expressed by care/nursing-related technical terms in Kanji or Chinese character which rarely appear in daily life. Passing this exam would not be expected to improve much Japanese communication skills needed in the work site of nursing care home or in daily social life. This exam is the type of exam where the most rational way for foreign caregivers who have reached around N3 level of general Japanese proficiency to pass the exam would be to have intensive study supports based on their mother language in a short period of time. Monet Recruit is now ready to provide such supports in English to their efficient study. For the time being, Filipino caregivers will be the main target of this study support course. Monet Recruit is preparing to expand its supports to include Mongolian etc. in the near future.

Effective Study Support Services for Passing Certified Care Worker National Exam

■Support Contents:

This intensive study support course will take the following three steps to raise the abilities of course participants.


 Degree of understanding in English of the content of the exam questions is checked based on the English translated past questions (all 13 areas of the exam covered).

Study prescription:

 Based on understanding in English of the content, appropriate ways will be presented to strengthen the ability to quickly and accurately grasp the syntax (five basic sentence patterns) of Japanese sentences (long and short) used in the exam questions, and at the same time to quickly increase Kanji vocabulary (mainly for reading capability to understand the meaning) for technical terms that appear in the exam questions.

Progress check and reinforce of weak points:

 Following strengths and weaknesses check and subsequent determination of the reasons for weaknesses, individual measures and methods to efficiently overcome those weakness will be taken.

■Support Methods:

Both Zoom tele-learning and face-to-face learning methods/sessions will be used together.

Zoom tele-learning session:

3 sessions in 2 weeks and 2 sessions in other 2 weeks out of 4 weeks of every month, i.e. total 10 sessions per month, will be held, covering all areas of the exam questions every month. Each session will take minimum 40 minutes, maximum 90 minutes.

Each learner will participate in Zoom session via smartphone or tablet. Study materials will be emailed to learners in advance.

Free email address (Gmail, etc.) to which the Zoom invitation is sent must be the one that employer of learner can verify learner’s participation.

Zoom session will be ideally held at time before lunch, which would be the most efficient for learning (session time can be negotiable) and at the place such as conference room of the care facility where learner is working.

Face-to-face learning session:

This session will be held on the weekend once a month in a place within the participant’s work site, taking about 4 hours each time.


Former EPA candidate or former Technical Intern Trainee (current holder of status of residence of Specified Skilled Worker), and current EPA candidate in the second year or later, and current Technical Intern Trainee of care work in the second year or later.

The number of participants per Zoom remote learning class will be around 6 at the beginning.

■Course Fees:

¥150,000 for 6 month course, and ¥240,000 for 12 months course, per participant (These fees are negotiable)

(These fee levels are offered in consideration of EPA program’s post-Japan-entry language training (6 months) fee of ¥360,000 and government subsidy for EPA candidates to support study for Certified Care Worker national exam of ¥235,000 over 12 months.  These fees can be provided to participants of foreign caregiver by their employer of nursing care home in the form of loan of which repayment would be exempted after five years of continuous service.)