Philippine Accreditation Procedure Support

Monet Recruit offers full support to the Philippine’s “Accreditation and Registration Procedure”.

“Accreditation and Registration Procedure” is required for overseas employment of Filipino workers.

・Overseas employment of Filipino workers is important for the Philippines as inflow of remittance from them accounts for about 15% of GDP.

・To protect overseas Filipino workers, the Philippine government requires overseas employer as accepting organization to follow “Accreditation and Registration Procedure”.

・For this procedure, overseas employer is required to directly enter into recruitment agreement (※) with a Filipino licensed recruiting agent as sending organization and the two parties of the agreement are registered with POEA. Their recruited Filipino workers are tied to this accreditation and registration.

※The recruitment agreement above between accepting organization (=employer) and sending organization is needed, in addition to Employment placement contract between Employer(=Monet Recruit client) and Monet Recruit.

・・・This recruitment agreement has a provision of joint and several liability of the parties for protection of Filipino worker, which is the main objective of “Accreditation and Registration Procedure”.
・・・Overseas employer can enter into recruitment agreement with only one sending organization, and multiple agreements with plural sending organizations are not allowed under certain conditions provided by POEA related laws and rules.

・All of the accreditation application documents must be developed and submitted to POLO in English and the interview with POLO is conducted in English

・Recruiting activities are allowed only after the accreditation procedure is completed by POEA.

Full support services for Accreditation and Registration Procedure

■Service Contents

・Development of accreditation application documents

Monet Recruit shows and explains employer the required list of documents to be submitted to POLO which includes the recruitment agreement described above, and develop both English documents for submission and Japanese translated documents for employer’s reference, including English translation of Japanese official documents such as copy of corporate registration and business permit which are part of the required list. Monet Recruit extends further supports to POLO’s requests for additional documents and/or correction of documents submitted.


Monet Recruit offers interpretation service for the interview between POLO’s official and representative of employer, which is set at the end of application document verification process. Interviewer (=POLO official) tends to ask questions about very detailed technical/legal matters described in the documents submitted, and therefore interpretation needs professional legal knowledge.

・Communication between employer (=accepting organization) and sending organization

Monet Recruit takes care of smooth communication between employer and sending organization from the initial stage of “Accreditation and Registration Procedure” so that perfect document development is done based on accurate understanding of each party’s situation and subsequent recruiting activities are carried out smoothly.

■Service Costs:

The costs of this support service are included in the recruitment fees stipulated in the recruitment agreement described above.

■Actual Results:

This support service has recently been offered to a nursing care home located in Ibaraki prefecture, which has successfully completed the POLO verification process and POEA accreditation and registration procedure.